200 One-word Prompts

I found these two lists and have been writing daily based on the given prompt-word from the first list. I don’t have a set word-count for each prompt, but the average of what I’ve written thus far is around 500 words. Some days have been more difficult than others (I’m still stuck on “Dead Wrong” from the first list, which I was supposed to write on yesterday), but overall my endeavor has been a very rewarding experience.

Check them out if you want, and maybe consider using the lists for daily prompts. If you don’t want to do all 100 from the first or second lists, maybe choose one or a few that strike your fancy and write something on it/them; then maybe we can share our favorites.

“Don’t wait. Writers are the only artists I know of who expect to get somewhere by waiting. Everyone knows you have to dance to be a dancer, you have to sing to be a singer, you have to act to be an actor, but far too many people seem to believe that you. don’t have to write to be a writer. So, instead of writing, they wait. Isaac Asimov said it beautifully in just six words: “It’s the writing that teaches you.” Writing is what teaches you. Writing is what leads to “inspiration.” Writing is what generates ideas. Nothing else-and nothing less. Don’t meditate, don’t do yoga, don’t do drugs. Just write.” -Daniel Quinn

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